How Therapy Helps

How Counseling Therapy Can Help You Handle the Unavoidable Problems of Life

While we’re alive, we have problems.  Every day. Upsets with friends and family…issues with your relationships at work…money worries…divorce…and on and on. But your response (e.g. getting drunk, angry, withdrawing…) is rooted in how you were treated as a child. For Leonard, the hardest problems in his life had roots in how his father hit him as a kid, and how his mom didn’t want him to have fun.  Your parents were different.  Yet they weren’t perfect either, and now you struggle because of the lasting impact of those childhood experiences. It’s true for all of us. In therapy, Leonard guides you to explore those childhood issues, reflect on them and heal them. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be curious. But in the end you’ll learn to get your needs met and live as the creative, joyous spirit you are.

Leonard meets you on many levels

He pulls on a wide variety of techniques that allow him to go beyond words and emotions and pay attention to your whole being: spiritual, mental, emotional and somatic (body-related). Rather than simply listening, nodding and saying “I see”, he suggests new behaviors and language for you to try out.

Move from emotional upheaval to feeling soothed, understood, acknowledged – and free

Along the way, therapy helps you to:

Deepen your connections to friends, family, colleagues and others.

Feel more at home in your body.

Get more in touch with your feelings, thoughts, behavior, how you interact with others and the messages your (night time) dreams are sending you.

Find it easier to negotiate mutually satisfactory outcomes with someone whose needs and wants appear to be in conflict with yours.

Learn to manage difficult feelings such as anger, sadness, depression and anxiety without squashing them or allowing them to become larger than the situation merits. Be willing to be surprised!


Is Leonard the right therapist for you?

Honestly? The only way to know is to have a conversation and get a sense of each other. But first take a look through this site. If you like what you read, then get in touch to book time for a short 10-minute talk. Then you can come in for a full session. If you feel after the session that it’s not a fit, you won’t pay anything.