“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” –Theodore Roosevelt–

Use Therapy to Get Along Better with Yourself and Others

Therapy is a way to explore your life, and reflect on your behavior and interactions with people. You heal old issues. And – you learn to live a satisfying, fulfilled life based on healthy relationships with yourself and those around you. Do you sometimes feel as if you’re drowning in emotions: anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, despair or others? Yet no matter what you’ve tried, nothing’s worked? It still seems that you can’t handle it all. Crying, sleepless nights or anger outbursts still happen. Not to mention the searing sense of disconnection from partners, siblings, children, bosses, co-workers , friends and parents. Therapy can help. It’s not a crutch. It’s you taking care of you. You don’t need to know where to start. Even if you feel you’ve nothing to say or you can’t talk about it or no one can help you…when you’re ready to heal, we’ll find places to begin.

Is Leonard the right therapist for you?

Honestly? The only way to know is to have a conversation and get a sense of each other. But first take a look through this site. If you like what you read, then get in touch to book time for a short 10-minute talk. Then you can come in for a full session. If you feel after the session that it’s not a fit, you won’t pay anything.